Sheffield Pupil Teacher Centre
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Memories of the years 1897 - 1933

Appointment - Mr JOSEPH BATEY

Leaver - Mr. ALAN W. GOODFELLOW - 1946 by Mr. E. H. Taylor
Leaver - Mr. ALAN W. GOODFELLOW - 1954
Leaver - Miss B. E. HALL by Mary L. Johnson
Leaver - Miss E. M. JONES
Leaver - Mr. B. R. DYSON by Mr. T. S. Turner
Leaver - Mr.  ARTHUR J. ARNOLD (Principal)
Leaver - Mr. OLDALE

Retirement - Miss F. E. FOSTER
Retirement - Mr. JOHN HEAD
Retirement - Miss EDITH ATKINS
Retirement - Miss C. HUTCHINSON
Retirement - Miss E. M. MITCHELL
Retirement - Mr. GEORGE R. DAVIES
Retirement - Miss LOUISA PADDISON
Retirement - Miss CONSTANCE A. RENSHAW
Retirement - Miss C. BUCHAN
Retirement - Mr H. J. CALLISTER
Retirement - Miss K. WASTNIDGE
Retirement - Mrs. E. M. WIGGENS
Retirement - Miss M. TATE by Mary L. Johnson
Retirement - Miss D. L. TAYLOR
Retirement - Miss M. E. DIXON by Mrs. E. M. Wiggens
Retirement - Mr. STEPHEN NORTHEAST - Headmaster 1935-1950

Obituary - Miss CONSTANCE A. RENSHAW by Miss M. Dixon
Obituary - Miss TATE by Miss Mary L. Johnson
Obituary - Mr. JOSEPH BATEY - Principal 1920 - 1931
Obituary - Mr. ALFRED MEETHAM - Principal 1931 - 1934
Obituary - Miss DORA LAYCOCK by Miss Mary L. Johnson
Obituary - Miss C. BUCHAN
Obituary - Miss ELEANOR M. BROWN
Obituary - Miss LILY SILK
Obituary - Mr. CYRIL TOWNEND (Tom) by Mr. Ralph Hum
Obituary - Mr. LESLIE SYKES (former pupil)
Obituary - Mr. JOHN HEAD by Mr. L. C. Dudley
Obituary - Mr. F. W. THOMPSON by Mr. H. J. Callister
Obituary - Miss E. ATKINS

1937 - A Tribute Poem to ALFRED MEETHAM (Principal 1931-1934)